Dining At The Dressed Up Swine: A New Years Report

Living in the midwest, my wife and I don’t have access to the swanky restaurants that one can find in places like New York or Las Vegas.  It is kind of a problem, because we both love delicious food.  Luckily, a few years ago a restaurant called A Pig In A Fur Coat opened up in town, poised to deliver five star quality food to the people of Madison, Wisconsin.  In 2012, they began hosting a fixed price tasting menu to help ring in the new year.  From the very first year to the present, we’ve had a standing reservation for this event and it never disappoints.

This year the offering was out of this world, and I figured I would share our experience.  WARNING:  You are about to see pictures of the most delicious of foods.

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Magic Wednesday: The First Rule of Combat

This week’s cards:


The mountain top shone like a beacon, covered in shiny white snow that reflected the sun in the cloudless sky. Akani had to shield her eyes from the glare, seeking shelter in a small thicket of fir trees. She leaned against the fuzzy needles to catch her breath and get her bearings. Her bare arms tingled in the frosty air. Her leather tunic and cloth leggings did little to protect the cold nipping at the rest of her skin.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. The footfalls of something heavy in the snow. Heavy, and close.

A flutter of movement brushed at her hip. Akani looked down at the hilt of her weapon still in its sheath. She can sense the aggression coursing through the living metal of the blade, a slicing animal poised to strike it’s foe.

Crunch. Crunch.

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Kings of the North – Stickmen Football Week 17

It was a nail-biting game (and season), but the Packers managed to pull out a win against the Lions, becoming division champs for the fourth year in a row. And that was even with Rodger’s calf injury making a surprise appearance at the end of the first half AND another fit of stompiness from Ndamukong Suh.

I have to admit, at halftime I thought we’d gotten ourselves into a worst case scenario, where Rodgers was injured and the Packers would lose, thus forfeiting the chance of the bye week Rodgers would need for recovery. Luckily, somehow, Rodgers was able to return and play well enough to secure a ten-point win and some recuperation time. If he doesn’t win MVP this year, I don’t know what more they could want from a player.

Final Score: 30-20 Packers
Final Standing: 12-4, Division Champs

Since the Packers won this week, they will not be playing next weekend. However, Stickmen Football will be around through the playoffs and all the way to the Super Bowl. We will also be live-tweeting sketches throughout the games, so follow along on Twitter (@Uglycat24) to see even more Stickmen! Then check back here for the full color illustrations and game wrap ups.

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Fairytale of New York: A Comprehensive Analysis

My husband introduced me to Fairytale of New York maybe three or four years ago. He said, and still maintains today, that it is his favorite Christmas song.

At first, I was hesitant. I’ve always been a fan of the classics—chestnuts, roaring fires, Bing Crosby, etc. But when I heard Fairytale for the first time, immediately I saw why my husband liked it so much. With references to gambling, drinking and drug use, it’s definitely not your classic Christmas carol. And at the time my husband was not exactly a typical ooey-gooey Christmas guy.

Even though Fairytale is packed with a lot of abrasive emotions and bleak images, I have always thought of it as an anthem of hope, and not just because of the spirited Irish instrumental arrangement (though that does help quite a bit).

Let me take you through what I hear when I listen to Fairytale in New York, beat by beat.

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Teebie Jeebies (plus Vikes/Dolphins) – Stickmen Football Week 16

Fun Fact: I was not within viewing range of the Packers-Buccaneers game, so unfortunately I am unable to comment on the finer points of the game this week. However, from what I was able to gather from the Green Bay Packers Twitter feed and the NFL.com Game Center live updates, it seems the defense was the star of this game with a record breaking seven sacks on Tampa Bay’s QB Josh McCown.

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How Terrorism Won: A “The Interview” Link Roundup

When I first saw the trailer for “The Interview” I thought to myself, “this movie looks awful.”  I still think it looks awful.  It’s a satire picture about the assassination of Kim Jung Un with Seth Rogan, and regardless of whether you think it is bad taste to promote a movie about the (spoiler alert – successful) assassination of a nation’s leader, the first amendment freedom of speech lets us make such a movie.  Would I have seen it?  Unlikely. But I didn’t think much about it being made, just moved on with my life.

Is this really the problem here?

Is this really the problem here?

Since then, however, a lot of things transpired.  Here’s a quick rundown of what happened as it stands now:

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