Retail Hell (0) — Links

Hey kiddos!

As I am putting up what is kind of an epically long serial fiction piece, I am realizing this: blogs are not great for reading things in chronological order from earliest to most recent. And since this particular story happens to go from the beginning to the end, I can imagine how annoying it must be to have it presented to you from the end to the beginning.

But never you fear, cuz I am going to help you out by creating this meta-post (otherwise known as a “table of contents,” for those of us that grew up reading these things called “books”). Use the links below to navigate more directly between the 8 posts (or “chapters”) in the order they were intended to be read:


Chapter One: Morning in Michigan

Chapter Two: Welcome to Hell

Chapter Three: Lunch Hour

Chapter Four: Midnight Falls

Chapter Five: The Hammer

Chapter Six: Showdown in Aisle 11

Chapter Seven: Hail to the King 

I’m sure one day I’ll figure out an even better way to organize this kind of material for ya, but in the meantime–you’re welcome!

Love, Sarah


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