A Promise for Digital Writing Month (aka No-Life November)

Since most of you reading this are huge nerds, you’ve probably been aware of National Novel Writing Month for some time now. You know that it takes place in November, and that the goal is 50,000 words in 30 days.

Good for you, smarties.

But did you ALSO know that November is Digital Writing Month as well, and that DigiWriMo is sponsored by the Divisions of Continuing Studies at our very own UW Madison? It is similar to NaNoWriMo, but instead of 50,000 words scribbled in a notebook, all your words must be entered into that vat of endless knowledge that is the Internet. There’s no one repository for your work either, because the Internet is everywhere. It is all very hip and cool and new media-y and, since I have little interest in novels and much interest in inflicting my random thoughts on anyone in my immediate vicinity, I have decided to see what I can do with this concept.

That is why I hereby pledge that, for the entire month of November:

-I am going to write one unique blog post once a day

-I will post something to Facebook at least once a week, and this something will attempt to be uplifting and/or interesting

-I will live tweet least one televised or presentational event this month (event TBD–and yes, I will take requests)

-I will find a way to get people to read this crap if it is THE LAST THING I DO!!!

Am I going to write the next great American novel? I hope not–that would defeat the purpose. But I might find the time to investiage deeper meaning of everyone’s obsession with all things pumpkin spice this year more than any other in history.

(Also I have hereby designated November as National Pumpkin Spice Month–as if that even needed to be said).

Oh man...how good does THAT look?

Oh man…how good does THAT look?

If you feel inclined to join me in this pursuit, visit the DigiWriMo website for the full report. It’s a little thin right now, but there are indications that things will pick up come 11/1. And if you’re looking for a home base, we’re always looking for contributors right here at Paper Pen Pixel. Just give us a shout and we’ll get you set up.

Love always,



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