Accountability and Such

I have a problem of thinking I will do something and then letting the world get the better of me. Sometimes, that means I slip into an anxiety fueled lazy state. BUT, in an effort from keeping that from happening, I will post here my plans for November.

This is what I intend to do:

For 3+ days a week, I will be posting nano fiction based on paint color samples I have collected over the years. I have used this a prompt for starting longer works in the past. However, for the sake of not getting too overwhelmed (anxiety fueled lazy state making) and actually writing, I’m making each of them their own shorter works. I expect each vignette to be at least 50, but no more than 300 words (the limit for nano fiction) each. When possible, I’ll also be posting the color that was the platform for the works.

Hooray! Now to the writing.


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