7 Adorable Kittens Who Need You To Vote Today


The day is finally upon us!  Voting day!  A day when we can all get together, stand in line for a few hours, and color in some circles to decide the future of the nation.  You don’t actually decide the future, but, somewhere out there someone voted for a person who did in fact win, so at least 50% of us will feel like we made a difference.  And thats really what America is all about, feeling like you did something without actually doing anything but filling in a circle and posting a smug “I voted!” on Facebook.  With the futility of voting upon us, lets rejoice in the one thing that is sure to warm your cold defeated heart, Kittens!

1) Grumpy Cat doesn’t care for voting


If there is any cat out there that doesn’t give a shit about your politics, its Grumpy Cat.  He voted, and it was awful.  I voted too, and it was in fact awful.

2) Judgement Cat continues to judge


If there is one thing that is certain on Voting day, its that your facebook feed is going to be full of people either excited that they voted, or guilting you into voting, or just plain being grumpy about others not yet voting.  Cats can judge too!  And they want you to vote.  An upset cat is something no one wants to deal with.

3)  Yet another cute kitten who wants you to vote.


Basically same as above.  Again, if you haven’t voted yet today, you need to get on that.  We don’t want to piss off the cats, as they control the means of production.

4) A Cat that voted!

lefty says go vote

We know cats can and do vote, because otherwise why would Voter ID be such a hot button topic?  No one wants to admit that for every 1 human vote, there are at least 2 cats who also voted.  Its a fact.  Thats why whoever you vote for never seems to win.

5) Another Cat that voted!


This one has even more contempt for you than the previous one.  Look at those eyes.  Hes just telling you that he voted, and hes proud of it, and no one checked to make sure he was of legal age or was born in the United States or that he had his naturalization certificate with him.  He just walked in, filled in the bubble, and got a sticker.

6) A sure sign that Cats don’t care for voting


This one is just excited that he got a free catnip mouse for voting.  I dunno about you, but I would love a world where free shit was given to me for voting.  I’d vote all the time if it gave me free drugs!

7) America Cat


Cause ‘Merica.


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