Failure and The New Rule

Today was an unfortunate day for me, for reasons irrelevant to most of the Internet, and consequently I failed to completed a blog post for the first time this month. And while I do realize that this announcement technically constitutes a post, I can’t really count the content as part of my DigiWriMo goal.

So I have missed today. This is not the end of the world. These things happen. And I fully expect something like this to happen again. So in addition to my awesome and exciting failure , I am also allowing myself to miss up to 3 more posts this month if I need to. These days will also not be the end of the world. And if one of those days does happen to be the end of the world, it is unlikely to be connected to a posting absence on this blog.

I guess this post could also be titled “More Fun with Limitations.” I’m learning so much this month.


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