Wednesday Wrap Up: Interesting News From The Net

A lot of stuff has been going on today.  I was trying to think of what I should write about but I realized there are just too many interesting things happening right now.  I decided to just do a wrap up post with a few of the topics.  I’ll of course include a little bit of my own thoughts on the subject, but I’m going to try not to editorialize too much.  You’re here for the all news that’s fit to print, after all.  So lets get started!

1. We fucking landed a probe the size of a washing machine on a comet.

Rosetta Landing TrajectoryLet me just say that again.  We landed a probe – the size of a washing machine – on a comet.  Humanity used a harpoon, some rockets, and a shit ton of math to do this.  This itself is the most amazing thing I’ve heard of since we used a rocket crane to land a rover on Mars.  I included a gif (hard g) above on the trajectory this probe took to get there.  As you can see, it started in 2004 when it launched. It went around the Sun a few times, used some awesome gravity assisted jumps, and eventually settled up to a comet.  At which point it harpooned itself down, landed, and then tweeted about it.  That is purely awesome.  Also, as an added bonus, the guy who talked about it wore this shirt.  I couldn’t write a post about this without including this amazing fact (with zoom!).Landing Shirt!






2. The people who run the country still don’t fucking understand Net Neutrality.

Ted Cruz TweetI don’t know how this can even be possible.  For some reason, people in the government still subscribe to the idea that the Internet is a series of tubes.  And sometimes the bits get stuck and they need the help from Comcast to get them to where they need to go.  I don’t want to get too much into this, as I will likely write about net neutrality in a later article.  However, I wanted to make sure you caught the Oatmeal’s great write up on this issue.  That is all.

3. Assassin’s Creed Unity launches.  It is awful(ish).  Internet is surprised?

Assassin's Creed Unity GlitchesTo be honest, this post isn’t really about Ass Creed proper. Its more about the concept of embargoes, and how publishers screw the common man by using them.  Basic gist is if you see reviews for a game a week before release, it’s likely pretty good.  If the game has been out for 24 hours and you’re not seeing anything, it’s probably because the game is so bad the publisher wanted as many sales as possible before the reviews come out.  I think this is a pretty good write up on the issue.  As above, I’ll probably write up something about embargoes and reviews.


Thanks for coming to my Wednesday Wrap Up!  I hope the resources above help you educate yourselves on comets, Ass Creed, and the Internet!



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