The Flight Plan

Away we go!

It is now a couple weeks into my life of daily writing/blogging. So far, I’ve been posting whatever I feel like pretty much at random. But with the return of Stickmen Football, and the fact that it will always be released after the game on Sundays (or in the case of Packers vs Falcons, late Monday/early Tuesday), I realized that perhaps I should be a little more thoughtful in my approach. I mean, when you know what’s coming and when, you can anticipate it. Maybe even look forward to it? Maybe…?

Yep, time to get organized. From now on, here’s my “flight plan” for future posting:

-Monday: Human Interest/Lifestyle piece. Sure, the pumpkin spice vs chai debate is goofy, but I gotta produce something for the ol’ portfolio, and other blogs love that stuff.

-Tuesday: Announcements/Personal Essay. Just like this article you’re reading now or possibly some kind of reflection on my personal/professional life. Only once a week from now on, I promise.

-Wednesday: Magic Wednesdays. This is a new one, so stay tuned.

-Thursday: Ultra-short. Hopefully with an illustration (see Fluffy)

-Friday: Off Day. As much as I want to write for the full 30 days of DigiWriMo, I do have a day job (for the moment anyway), so…gotta have some me-time.

-Saturday: Retail Hell installment. Read the beginning of Part II here.

-Sunday: Stickmen Football. Okay, this isn’t writing perse, but it keeps with the theme of this particular website so I’ll allow it.

Now you know which days to check in and which days you don’t care about as much. Now, instead of throwing everything against a wall and seeing what sticks, I will throw less things and at smaller targets. Whether that is actual progress or just the appearance of progress, I guess we will find out in time.




1 Comment

  1. If we “throw less things and at smaller targets”
    and aim more carefully,
    the metaphor is sure to expand,
    and so, I pack my darts inside my mind
    and shoot daggers from my eyes
    at anyone who dares to wonder
    what it is that I am thinking today.

    PS — Sometimes, I “lift lines” from posts to create poems as comments. I am not sure how the tone of this one turned defiant and apologize if it offends. I guess I was thinking educational policy this evening and got mad at it all.


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