He claws at the apex, his toes scraping at oblivion.

She looms above, grasping hands in grimy pockets, hungry witness to his struggle.

His hands slip. She gasps, then giggles. Leans down. Whispers.

“Your failure is thrilling, we all agree. Don’t stop.”

The chasm gnashes. The sky beckons.

The only difference between flying and falling is perspective.

Breathe. Then release.

The Hazard of Greatness

“Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” -The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy




  1. “Breathe. Then release.”
    She let go; I dropped.
    She reached out; I stopped.
    For in that second of insight,
    we both realized,
    as if through some shared intuition,
    that where I went,
    she went, too,
    and so together, we took a breath
    in order to keep on going.

    PS — I lifted a line from your story to create a poem as comment. 🙂


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