Stickmen Football: Packers Take the Lead

Week 12’s game against the Vikings was not so much fun as it was confusing. What was going on with the offensive line getting all those penalties? How did the score end up so close against what is arguably the weakest team in our division? It might have been just one of those weeks, but the good news is that the Packers still won, and maybe this close(ish) call will make them look sharp against Patriots next week.

Final Score: 24-21 Packers

Morgan Burnett’s sack of Teddy Bridgewater in the first quarter forced an intentional grounding penalty. By slapping his head with both hands, I was reminded of when a cat hits another cat in the head during play. Very effective in both cases.

Once again, Eddie Lacy proves he can use the defensive linemen to his advantage.

Cobb demonstrates the classic play of waiting just long enough until the Vikings defense to knock themselves

Richard Rodgers makes the slowest, easiest catch ever…and there’s nothing anyone can do about it!

That’s right, Greg Jennings. I’m talking to YOU!


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