The Battle of the Quarterback Twelves – Stickmen Football Week 13

It was a nail biter to the end, but despite some confusion it was nice to see the Packers looking pretty good against a worthy opponent like the Patriots (not like that Saints fiasco). Rodgers seemed a little spooked, maybe because his receivers weren’t exactly where he needed them to be or catching what they needed to catch, but despite these hiccups the crucial plays were still made. With both the defense and Mason Crosby’s leg holding up to the end, the Packers put a pretty satisfying win on the board in the race for division leader.

Final: 26-21 Packers

This sums up how I felt the entire game. One false move…
A bouncy end to our opening drive. Ended in a field goal but still, it was fun to watch.
The field was so cold and slippery, a classic Rodgers run-and-slide went an extra five feet.
Gronkowski may be unstoppable, but his pants are another story. Also, if anyone out there works for Coppertone, I have an idea for a new spokesmodel.
“We ❤ Tackling U Tom. Luv AJ + Clay”


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