DigiWriMo by the Numbers

Digital Writing Month officially came to a close on Sunday. After a day’s rest and some simple math, I am ready to report my personal numbers, as well as the total numbers from our website:

Words written by me (Uglycat) during DigiWriMo: 13,390

Total number of words written on Paper.Pen.Pixel.: 18,943

Number of Posts by me: 26

Total number of Posts on Paper.Pen.Pixel.: 39

Longest Post by me: 1,159 words

Shortest Post by me: 57

Number of articles that appeared as Letters to the Editor: 1 🙂


As far the goals I set:

1) I am going to write one unique blog post once a day. 26/30 (though with the new rule I implemented in the first week, I am counting this goal as met).

2) I will post something to Facebook at least once a week, and this something will attempt to be uplifting and/or interesting. 1/4.

3) I will live tweet least one televised or presentational event this month (event TBD–and yes, I will take requests). 0/1 (whoopsie–next time!)

4) I will find a way to get people to read this crap if it is THE LAST THING I DO!!

In the month of November, we had 767 total views. This might not seem like a lot, but compare this to 42 views in October and just 18 in September. Based on that I would say this is a big fat achievement unlocked, thanks to all of you that came and read our stuff!

Next year, I hope to increase my personal numbers to at least 20,000 words. AND have enough contributors that as a group we blow right past the NanoWriMo goal of 40,000 words. And hopefully we will have more of a following by then as well so there will be more natural engagement with readers both on this blog directly and through social media channels.

But that is next year. Right now, I am not done. Not. At. All.

I will be taking a break this week for my birthday (yep, the big 3-0 is finally happening so I can stop talking about it now). But I promise I will be back on December 8th with all new articles, shorts, and installments of your favorite serials.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen here, please keep visiting and spreading the word about Paper. Pen. Pixel! And we are always looking for contributors too 🙂

Until next week, my friends!

Love, Sarah



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