Ups and Downs – Stickmen Football Week 14

First of all, do ESPN announcers watch any of the games they aren’t covering? Because it really seemed like this was the first time either of them had seen the Packers play this year.

As far as the actual game goes, I have to say I’m getting a little concerned about the second half slump the Packers seem to be unable to overcome. Luckily, their lead was so great by the start of the third quarter that even Julio Jones’s commendable performance couldn’t put up the points fast enough to pull off an Atlanta win.

In better news, Rodgers seems hell bent on continuing his hot streak (at Lambeau at least), and it appears we witnessed the return of James Starks as an offensive force. Hopefully we will see more of Starks and Awesome Rodgers at the Bills (7-6) on Sunday.

Final Score: 43-37 Packers
Current Record: 10-3


“He’s got time…”


Julio Jones was said to have “shredded” the defense, which inspired me to draw this…



…followed by this. (P.S. I like this one better)



The Rundown, aka That Feeling I Get About Halfway Through the Third.



That’s one way to stop a touchdown…




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