Disappointment Theatre – Stickmen Football Week 15

Coming in to this week’s game against the Bills, I had a feeling the Packers were due for an end-of-season meltdown, and I was not disappointed…by being very disappointed. We know their second half is never strong, but this week they did not have the strong first half they needed to surf through the rough waters for the win.

There were gaffes on both sides of the ball, but the biggest story is that this game marks a career low point for Aaron Rodgers, with 25 missed throws and 2 interceptions. Not that his receivers were doing him any favors. Even if he could get the ball where it needed to go, no one seemed able to get their hands on it. Whether this is the Bills’ magical defense or just a weird funk that descended on the Packers offense, I honestly couldn’t tell.

A bumbling, fumbling offense was just one factor that forecasted a Packer loss. Add to that a series of crucial penalties and that epic 75 yard punt return/TD on behalf of Marcus Thigpen in the first quarter, and the damage was done.

But it’s like I always say: if you’re gonna fail, it’s better to fail epically and learn something than to fail quietly and learn nothing. Hopefully this disastrous display will motivate the Packers to reevaluate their game, especially some of the areas where maybe they have become complacent.

Final Score: 21-13 Bills
Next Game: @ Buccaneers (2-12)

Bills vs Packers 12/14

Whenever they say a significant advance is being “pulled back” for a penalty, it always makes me think of this.

Thigpen Return Packers vs Bills 12/14

I swear, this is exactly what happened when Thigpen returned the punt.

Aaron Rodgers Packers vs Bills 12/14

Aaron Rodgers can’t hit his mark to save his life.

Aaron Rodgers Mason Crosby Packers vs BIlls 12/14

Luckily, he can always count on his teammates for support.



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