Teebie Jeebies (plus Vikes/Dolphins) – Stickmen Football Week 16

Fun Fact: I was not within viewing range of the Packers-Buccaneers game, so unfortunately I am unable to comment on the finer points of the game this week. However, from what I was able to gather from the Green Bay Packers Twitter feed and the NFL.com Game Center live updates, it seems the defense was the star of this game with a record breaking seven sacks on Tampa Bay’s QB Josh McCown.

There were other career highs reached, records broken and milestones set for Rodgers, Lacy and Cobb during the game, but from where I was sitting it seemed like the offense was a little shaky and wasn’t putting up as many points as they otherwise would have. Perhaps this is due to Rodger’s calf strain and illness? Whatever the cause, let’s hope it is resolved by next week’s kickoff, back at Lambeau where the Packers will face the Lions in a final showdown for division champ.

And if it’s not resolved, well, I hate to say it, but maybe Rodgers should take it easy for the last game of the regular season. I know there’s a lot at stake, but the fact of the matter is, win or lose, the Packers are in the playoffs no matter what. If it’s between winning the division and making sure we have a healthy quarterback for January, we might just have to take the hit on this one.

Final Score: 20-3 Packers
Next Game: vs Lions (11-4)

Packers Buccaneers December 21st 2014 - 2

Introducing the Mega-Sack! A Packers exclusive.

Packers Buccaneers December 21st 2014 - 3

It’s your call, Rodgers. We love you no matter what!

As I said above, I was not in viewing range of the Packers game this week. In fact, I am in Minnesota with my family for the holidays. So while the rest of you were cheering on the green and gold, I was watching the Vikings mount an excellent offensive against the Dolphins only to collapse slowly in the last quarter. But they are my family’s team, so I thought I would include some of the brighter moments of the game.

Final Score: 37-35 Dolphins
Next Game: vs Bears (5-10)

Vikings Dolphins December 21st 2014 -1

As angry as I am at Greg Jennings for going to the Vikings, I have to admit, the man can execute one graceful touchdown.


Vikings Dolphins December 21st 2014 - 2

After three penalties that reward half the distance to the goal on a set of downs that started at the 1 yard line, at what point do you just say “Screw it–TOUCHDOWN!”?



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