Kings of the North – Stickmen Football Week 17

It was a nail-biting game (and season), but the Packers managed to pull out a win against the Lions, becoming division champs for the fourth year in a row. And that was even with Rodger’s calf injury making a surprise appearance at the end of the first half AND another fit of stompiness from Ndamukong Suh.

I have to admit, at halftime I thought we’d gotten ourselves into a worst case scenario, where Rodgers was injured and the Packers would lose, thus forfeiting the chance of the bye week Rodgers would need for recovery. Luckily, somehow, Rodgers was able to return and play well enough to secure a ten-point win and some recuperation time. If he doesn’t win MVP this year, I don’t know what more they could want from a player.

Final Score: 30-20 Packers
Final Standing: 12-4, Division Champs

Since the Packers won this week, they will not be playing next weekend. However, Stickmen Football will be around through the playoffs and all the way to the Super Bowl. We will also be live-tweeting sketches throughout the games, so follow along on Twitter (@Uglycat24) to see even more Stickmen! Then check back here for the full color illustrations and game wrap ups.

Packers Lions December 28 2014

Micah Hyde’s epic punt return was exactly what the Packers needed to get things moving.


Packers Lions December 28 2014

To everyone’s surprise, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson was looking a little slow out there.


Packers Lions December 28 2014

Golden Tate knew this play was over before the ball even landed.


Packers Lions December 28 2014

He barely touched him! (Unlike Suh, amiright?)


Packers Lions December 28 2014

The Rodgers-Cobb dynamic still works even when Rodgers is near death, if the announcers are to be believed.



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